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January 08, 2007


Sacred Art of Living

Sounds marvelous Trish. I am sure your participants will be deeply blessed by the experience! And how wonderful you are making it financially accessible to all who desire such an adventure.


These are the times I wish Iowa and Michigan weren't so far from each other!! I'm grateful to learn of Karen Hagen and the Tippecanoe Presbyterian Church ~ yes, it is a delightful name with an even more wonderful focus of ministry. The world will be blessed by all who are able to participate. Thank you for making this very possible! Blessings, Cathleen


Oh, my! The things you find in the middle of the night! I am a fellow CSG grad (last year) and found your "bath" record in a store in Minneapolis...and just about fell over that someone connected in this way had written it. A friend and I used a couple of the songs in a retreat in the Black Hills. So, absolutely delightful to find you! I am a former school psychologist, UTS wannabee (maybe) and fifty-something woman who became disabled with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue five years ago. I have reclaimed a great life. My husband and I just spent fall in Boston where he studied children and spirituality and what docs need to know about various cultures. I took some jewelrty classes and was very active in an ecumenical church. We are now back and will go to our CSG reunion next weekend.

Thank you for you words and music, Trish! And for the delightful blog! I particularly resonate with your words about your lovely "only" child. Mine is now twenty-seven and is a magical young adult but getting her through the system was a trial.


Story Midwife

Hello women!

Christine and Cathleen, thanks so much for the kudos. I'm excited for the adventure. Cathleen, I think you and Karen H. would have a grand time together, especially considering your Presbyterian clergy connection.

Welcome here, Suz! How great to meet another CSG grad here. (I didn't know there was a reunion!?)

Sounds like you and your husband had a discovery-rich autumn in Boston. Thanks for your kind words about my music. It's always great to hear how others are using it and making it their own.

If you feel like sharing, I'd love to know more about your lovely only child and "getting her through the system." Hearing others' stories gives me HOPE!

Blessings and deep bows to all,

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