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December 19, 2006


Heather Michele

Under the layers of these hard, hard months, I am discovering surprises, too. Advent surprises. We are birthing new-ness into our home and our relationship. This dark season is fertile. And I will "fear not" as we peel back all that is, in order to see what will come next. Great image! And welcome wisdom. Thank you, Thank you! We love you so much. -HMO.

Sacred Art of Living

I ripped up ugly old yellowish-green carpeting once and discovered those same hardwood floors and I was captivated. What a wonderful metaphor, I know there are many treasures hidden in my heart waiting to be birthed!

Karla MG

How old is that carpet? I just can't imagine Marcey w/ pink berber;) Love the mind pic you brought forth...that which is hidden lies in the dark, just beyond our reach, till we really want it, need it, and then birth it into the light. Thanks Trish, for your blessing tonight :D --K

Story Midwife

Good Morning, Women.

HMO - how GOOD it is to find surprises! Bless you, bless you in your peeling back, your re-discovery of yourselves and one another, your advent-eyed watching for what comes next. You are amazing!

Christine - When I was refinishing similar floors in the sacred space where I sit with others in spiritual direction I felt like I was finding my way to the "first face" of the wood. It IS captivating!

Karla - The carpet is liekly around 15 years old. Maybe more. So nope, this is not Marcy's carpet, but the folks that lived here after he died. While working with the floors, Richard reminds me that mixed into that dust is probably some of Marcy's old skin and toenails. Ugh! :-)

(For those not familiar with my locally famous home, more on Mr. Marcy Alderson - eclectic antique collector, organist at the Lutheran Church across the street, and piano teacher extraordinare - and his crazy antics coming soon!)


Trish, What a wonderful image, including the hard workout that is sometimes necessary to find the hidden treasure! I'm finding that under my "pink carpet" are words, and images, and a soul that literally wants to sing, and a deep level of trust.
Sand and refinish away! Carpentry work just before Christmas...hmmm...
Blessings, Cathleen

Erika Rae

Sigh. I guess my disintigrating marriage is like the tearing up of the pink carpet. But I just can't see the lovely pine boards yet. Yet. I know I will... but. Sigh.
Thanks for the hopeful image, Trish.
Love, Erika Rae

Little Blue Petal

I recently pulled up the insane lime-green shag carpets in our farmhouse. Hmmmm... crumbling dryrot. LOL!


this reminded me of a dream i had recently that involved the opposite picture you present. i was trying to cover up the (my) concrete foundation with carpet. i heard the message in the dream, and now again from you, that it is important to let what lies solidly underneath shine forth. it is part of our holy foundation and "inspiration for our singing hearts!"

thank you!

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