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December 27, 2006


Heather Michele

Good for you, woman! I am so proud of you! SO wish I could have been there!

Instead, I worked Solstice evening--doing re-entry coaching with one of our burn patients. She was preparing to "rise from the ashes," in her words; to be discharged after 93 days inpatient, on Dec. 22. My thoughts are with her today. I wonder how her world looks now?

Thanks for all the ways you bring light and affirmation of darkness to my life. You ARE amazing and grace-full and gorgeous. -HMO.

Little Blue Petal

How beautiful Trish! And what fun! We make a spiral labyrinth too and place menorah candles into apples then place the apples onto the greenery... this raises the candles up and makes them safer for the kids to handle and less likely to burn anything! ;-)
Here is another thing which we did for the kids: My ex-partner lives several hours from here. He drove to our place late at night, put on a dark suit, blacked-out his skin and put on a black wig and top hat! He appeared at our window like a sinister shadow and scared the kids. He left them each a present on the outer window ledge, then without a word, disappeared into the dark! It was very exciting! Quite a juxtaposition to the gentle, dreamy light labyrinth we held at sundown! But a good balance I think!

Bette Wappner

Congrats on the article in the DSMRegister! How unexpectedly appropriate that your labyrinth evening caught fire :)

I spent Winter Solstice with my family doing Christmas preparations together. It was nice having my hubby home for a few days.

I also wrote this poem evening Dec. 22nd:

As blank as night
my mind cannot find the words ~
thin crescent moon. . .
growing into its fullness
just after winter solstice.


Sacred Art of Living

Wonderful Trish, how I wish I could have joined you and the image of a Dark Party is still singing in me, perhaps next year. I am going to try and go to a labyrinth walk on new year's eve at the Episcopal Cathedral. Many blessings! Christine


Trish, I wondered how your evening went as friends gathered here for the "Winter Solstice Bonfire" turned to "Indoor Bonfire!" I had a couple people comment that they appreciated my lifting up the cycle and change of the seasons. An article in the DM Register lifts that up in HUGE ways!! And what a way to celebrate the returning of the light! Blessings, Cathleen

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