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December 01, 2006



Hi Trish! I like this one a lot. The candle is very soothing and evocative in a really good way. On my screen the black and orange conjure up Halloween things in me, though, which aren't the midwifery images I normally associate with your site. But that's not necessarily bad. Just different.

How fun to play with these things!


Trish, I too like the darkness, it fits the season and what you're about. Just as I like to change things in my home as the seasons change, so why not change our blog "decor"?? But what about white font with black? Or even yellow, to tie in with your candle and flame? Anyway, here's to darkness, to incubation, to holy waiting... Blessings from the dark, Cathleen

Heather Michele

So...I was thinking Halloween-thoughts with the black and orange as well. But I LOVEloveLove the bluish-tones. Very watery, shimmery, welcoming, rest-full. Beautiful! You go, girl! -HMO.

Little Blue Petal

This is great Trish. I love the picture across the top! Do you change your colours with the seasons?

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