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December 30, 2006


Bette Wappner

hey there woman! looks like i'll be the first one play. you have peaked my curiousity. i'd guess its a late date in February? 2-25? :))))) you are a beautiful sweet soul and i'm grateful to have met you! 2007 is going to be a fantabulous year. peace and hugs....bette.

Heather Michele

I'm excited for your news! Can't wait for you to share it. We have our own news as well--not number-related, however. Well, a date is incorporated, I guess. Sometime in 2007. If it's really possible for 2 lesbians to "get married," we're going to do it. True. So excited. Did I win? :) -HMO.

Sacred Art of Living

Fun! I love games. I like Bette's guess of dates, but I imagine the date is sooner, like Feb 19. Or is it something more mysterious like the number of full moons since a significant date?

Sacred Art of Living

Or is it how much you have sold your house for?

Sacred Art of Living

Or is it how many nests you have found? Did I win?? :-)


The number of predicted days until another chickadee is added to your nest?


At first I thought the number might be your birthday but since we share the same month, January, which is the first month, and you didn't mention that the numbers will decrease I guess that's not it. Hmmm... Cathleen


So, is the new number a new address? An increase in the number of 4-leggeds in your home? A number associated with a new teacher for Sammy?? Hmmm.... Cathleen

Little Blue Petal

Ah! I am thoroughly intrigued! Are you having a wee babby??? Could the number be how many days are left until a signifigant date? Can't wait to know LOL! x

Sacred Art of Living

How about the number of baby lambs you have inherited? Or the time of day the earth is going to end? Or the number of alien invasions we have had? Or the total number in your hat collection? Or shoes? The number of spring bulbs you have planted? The number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin? I am so very curious! Do tell! (Do I get extra points for silliness? Aren't you glad I didn't leave each one in a comment?) :-)


o.k. i'll play and hope the number isn't reached before i'm back on line in two weeks :-)
i'm thinking it may be the number of geese you counted migrating just before the winter solstice...close???

Karla MG

Hi are so much fun! That's how papa bear kept 3 cubs awake to welcome in the New Year, while mama bear worked (no one in our home lamenting in the morning that they missed blowing out the 2006 candle and having unlimited hot cocoa! LOL!) Hmmm...I'll take a guess: Is it the day you'll be moving closer to Rich's new endeavor? (and thereby closer to us...maybe we can finally get together for tea?!) I'm excited for you to share your news...I can sense your excitement in your post! --Karla
PS...Many prayers of blessing on you for a beautiful 2007!

Heather Michele

What number am I now? Love, love LOVE to you. And Happy New Year! -HMO.

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