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December 15, 2006


Heather Michele

Thank you for the gift of this song again this year. Being one of the recipients of the "gifting" last year, I still smile at the memory of your voices and drumming over the phone. Blessings to you as well!

We are about Darkness AND Light here in the Burn Center today. Lots of big, big stories are held in these walls. I think of you often as we birth the journeys these patients take in our midst.

I love you and all the work YOU do in this world. -HMO

Sacred Art of Living

Hi Trish, I am delighted to be part of the inspiration and I am even more delighted to accept your gift of song to add to my growing collection of your wonderful music. Many blessings to you, my fellow lover of darkness! Christine


Dear Trish,
Thank you for brining the light to many corners of the world! Please send the chant my way. Perhaps I'll learn it well enough that we can sing it at my Winter Solstice Eve Bonfire this Thursday!! Blessings of darkness and light, Cathleen

Julie M. Poore-Christensen

Good morning, Trish. It's always a blessing to me to find a blog reminder in my e-mail. Your reflections and sharing mean so much. I can't wait to see you on Thursday at Plymouth! Thanks for the gift of the chant. Julie MPC


Dearest Trish,
Thank you so much for your songs. Song - a joining of words and music woven to connect our hearts, Song - makes us listen differently, Song touches that which cannot be seen. Thank you for your songs. We can all sing together.

Bette Wappner

Thank you Trish and Richard for your sacred gift of song, chant, word, instrument, and story that you beautifully and mysteriously unite. You are a blessing to my soul. I very much am looking forward to your book of rituals. Blessings!

Karla MG

Trish, What a joy to see your blog update! Thanks so much for the gift of music and insight you and Rich enhance our lives with! My prayers go out to you in this sacred, holy time! :D --Karla


hi trish--

what a delightful idea. i love the song already before even hearing it. my husband and i are doing a little combining of our own as i put his images with my words.

blessings to you this holiday season.


Hello Trish --

(I hope I've not commented twice accidentally!)

I am new as can be to your blog, and would love to hear your song if you are still offering it. It has been an evening and a season of unexpected wonders!


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