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November 29, 2006


Heather Michele

One of the last times G and I spoke coherently, it was about the Dark Party we attended at your home on the Mississippi in 2003. She lovingly called it "sacred" and "painfully beautiful;" something she had pondered often in the years since. She died remembering such times of holiness.

And now, in all of these sacred, painful, and beautiful moments this year, I intentionally find time to be still, to be quiet, to sit in the darkness, and breathe. Thank you for being with me in these breaths. It is healing, it is fertile, it is life-giving, life-repairing, life-preparing time! And I look forward to celebrating the Holy Days of darkness (and light) with you and yours for years to come! -HMO.

Bette Wappner

I too use to look at darkness as bad, but then there are different kind of darknesses. To me, and now the older I get, the kind of darkness that I seek, and what I am learning of from you, Christine, and in some books lately, is the darkness of God's peace, stillness, sacred and holiness. I am in the midst of putting together a place of solace in my art studio; a place where I can listen to God's voice and to pray and hopefully experience peaceful darkness.

Your "Behold" cd is wonderful! I also love the lyrics to your new chant and can't wait to hear it to music. I look forward to going to the links you gave on Night of the Mothers. I would very much love for us to have a Virtual Dark Party! Maybe we could open up a Yahoo Group just for this occasion and we could all interact in one place? Just a thought.
Peace and Hugs,


Oh dear Winter Solstice Goddess! It has been your words and music that have invited me to embrace the darkness as a time of wonder, waiting, even growth. A Virtual Dark Party is intriguing - let's explore that.
This year I am planning the 3rd Annual Winter Solstice Bonfire near the barn. Big bonfire, s'mores, wassail and hot chocolate, hay bails to sit on, luminarias to light the way. I love being outdoors at that time. I wonder if a virtual bonfire is possible....?
Leaning into Advent and darkness, Cathleen

Story Midwife

Hello Sweet Heather Michele.
Yes, I thought of this night, too, as I wrote. It was one the first time I saw G open, open, open to softness. Bless her now wide-open self. We simply must find a way to be together this Dark Season. Sammy has his first ever Christmas concert on Monday. He wanted me to invite you. Wanna come?? :-)

Oh, Bette - your new stuido space sounds so inviting. What will you place there? How will you pray and BE there? Will it be a place for you alone, or will you invite others to pray and be and listen there with you?

Cathleen - Your Solstice Bonfire! Wahoo! How deeply soul-nourishing. SO wish I was not a day's drive away.

So what about a virtual Dark Party? I like the idea of a hosted chat room. I must confess I have no idea how that works. Or we could do a conference call. I know of a company that offers this for free or next to nothing.

What if anyone who was interested in a Virtual Dark Party chose one poem and one song and sent them to the guest list in advance? Then each "attendee" could light a candle in their own space, listen to each song, read each poem, and share how that is stirring in them, prodding them, awakening them, etc.

What if???

Sacred Art of Living

A virtual dark party is a beautiful idea. I am going to be up in beautiful British Columbia with my beloved for Winter Solstice (and Christmas) with limited dial-up internet so I won't be able to chat that day, but love the idea of sharing a song and poem. Thanks Trish for your always beautiful words and spirit.

Heather Michele

Heck Yes! Of course! Tell Sammy-boy I will be there on Monday! Cannot wait for a quick little vacation to Iowa! Much, Much Love! -HMO.

Bette Wappner

I really like the idea of sharing our feelings from reading others' poems and songs!

If you like the idea of opening up an interactive group list, I know how to do it at Yahoo Groups. Its very easy. Isn't not a real-time text chat like instant messaging, but people can post and reply at their convenience. The group can be set to public or private membership and each member can set the postings to come directly to their computer rather than having to go to the group's homepage at Yahoo if they desire, or they can get one daily digest of posts sent to their computer once a day. Alot of choices. I'll set it up if you want. It can be for just this winter season or longer or whatever you want. Its just nice to bring people together under one roof. Just a thought, don't feel obligated. Someone else might have a greater idea :))))

Peace and Hugs,

Bette Wappner

Trish, my prayer space will be part of my art studio and a quiet place for me to be, but if you visit, we will sit side by side :)

I will sit on a low-sitting stool atop deeply textured woven rag cinder-gray-brown colored floor rugs representing Mother Earth. These rugs were crafted by Indian women.

I haven't decided whether I will have a deep-green colored throw blanket to represent magical moss that I love so :) to wrap or cover myself in while I meditate or pray, or a black blanket to be enveloped in God's darkness. Maybe both depending on my mood.

I will be facing a wooden bookshelf with candles, incense, a crystal cross, holey stones, shells, acorns, my faves :)

oh....and a space heater! my studio is in our basement. hey...perhaps the basement represents my reliquary-belly filled with God :))) aha!!!


Story Midwife

I would LOVE it if you'd set up a Virtual Dark Party spot! I like that it's not real-time so folks can visit and contribute whenever suits them. What (if anything) do you need from me?

Thank you!

Bette Wappner

Trish, forgive me for not getting back with you on how to put up a Yahoo Group. They make the process easy to set up. It would be better if you set it up so you would be the facilitator and have access to the maintenence. If you still want to do it I would participate in the Dark Party with you :)
Hubby is coming home today after being gone since Nov. 1st so I've been busy and forgot to get back with you. 'course I realize that if you needed my assistance, you would have bugged me about it :) Sounds like you've been tied up PINK carpet of all things!

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