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November 15, 2006


Heather Michele

I'm heading to Hudson this morning for a big, fat, scary assessment and testing day. (Yikes.) So good to read your words here on my way out the door. Like a gentle, little tap on my shoulder--reminding me who (and WHOSE) I am. So very glad and grateful to belong to you, my best friend. LOVE, Love, love! -HMO.


Dear Trish,
Doggie love & kisses to you and your family in your recent loss of Lukey. I can't help but share this story of our recent loss of our two pomeranian dogs who were both 11 years old - passed away last year (2005-2006) - 11 months apart from each other. Muffin crossed over the Rainbow Bridge first. During a grieving moment, a song came in my head and I responded with excitement (like a happy dog) yelling to my husband that Muffin was trying to communicate with us through this pop/rock song titled: "As I Lay Me Down by Sophie Hawkins" I knew for sure Muffin was happy after I dug up the c.d. with the song on it and played it for my husband and I. Eleven months later, Ginger crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. During a grieving moment - I was actually getting my haircut at a salon and do you know that the same song played over their music system?! I told my hair stylist who is very cool that Ginger was telling me through this very same song that she was okay and happy too! Oh how thrilling this moment was and still is! What a touching, tearful and joyful experience!

The chorus of this song reads: As I lay me down to sleep, Lord I pray, you will hold me dear...though I'm far away I whisper your name into the sky and I will wake up happy."
The interpretation I read into this song is that they (Muffin & Ginger) are singing this to us as a way of comfort and letting us know how happy they are! Isn't that incredible? (Give me a doggie bone quick - chocolate please!)
My husband and I now have two new Yorkies (puppies) that are 11 months old and their names are Annie and Susie. We are truly blessed.


Doesn't it seem Trish that some weeks' happenings are almost more than we can contain? Thank you for taking time to share these stories, for in doing so, you invite us to live more fully into our stories.
Blessings, love, hugs to all of you - 2 legged and 4 legged - in Strawberry Point! Cathleen

Sacred Art of Living

Good to see you back in the blogging world! I hope your weekend was grand, as I am sure it was. When you get a chance I posted a dream I would love your dreamy input on. Much love, Christine

Bette Wappner

Brain-to-blog! I like that idea, girl :) That would make things a whole lot easier, wouldn't it? But we already have women's intuition to use and that's 'au naturelle'.

Glad to hear you made it through your concert and with the help of best friend!

Hope your retreat #4 was relaxing and successful. Wish I could be there. Hmmm...maybe in your next class ?!?!

Sorry you have to experience the loss of Lukey. Sammy is such a passionate boy. Keep up the great parenting.

Our new kitten is keeping me on the journey back to toddler-hood!! WOW, takes my parenting back a few years. This kitten is EVERYWHERE! Cute and cuddle one minute and crazy-cat the next.

Peace and Hugs,


Is is a breathtaking gift each time I read your writing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Story Midwife

Thank you, dear ones, for your words here.

May this day wrap you all in grace.


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