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October 22, 2006


Sacred Art of Living

Great post Trish, I just got home from my time away and wanted to check in with a few blogs while my sweetie is out getting us lunch. I have so much swimming in me, I love the feminism meme (my mother first gave me the Our Bodies book at about age 8!) and will have to ponder that for a few days. And I am so glad you are getting in the tub instead of working, because I firmly believe that tub time is an integral part of the process.
Love to you, Christine

jen lemen

thanks for this lovely mention and your kind words on my blog. i feel deeply honored!
i hope the final bit of your solitary weekend fills your soul all the way up! blessings...


Hey, I love beans, too! You left out Garbonzo :) Even love to say it.

Wow what a steamy day you're having, my dear. Hope your bath was "fabulous"! You are a lucky girl to have a husband that understands the feminine.

Thanks for all your great links, I'm still checking them out. Thanks for linking mine too. I should be making a poetic post hopefully today. You've had a permanent link on the right hand side of my LiveJournal page for some time now, but I worry that some people don't scroll to the right side to see it. Let me know people, if you've seen it or not.

Lovin' hugs...


Oops! You DID mention garbonzo. I just heard the "duh" gong go off in my head :)


Oh Creative One, consider the bean cooking while pondering work-writing as "crockpotting"!! In the past, I get the seed of an idea and then have to let it simmer for a while. I often say I'm a "crockpot" thinker rather than "microwave" thinker; it takes time for the ideas and creativity to take shape, voice, and form. I believe your cooking time and bath time really are all part of the process. So, you have peeked in the crockpot to see what's taking shape? This also means I'll need to crockpot your tag of me on the gifts of feminism.
Keep cooking, and stirring, and pondering!! Love, Cathleen

Story Midwife

Thanks, Amazing Women!

Little Blue Petal

Mmmm... pulses with a generous portion of organically grown feminism... my favourite dish! :) What a wonderful, inspiring entry!
I will savour this and blog duly!

Little Blue Petal

I should also have added, "...served on a leafy bed of procrastination." lol!

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