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October 22, 2006



HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sweet, dear Trish!!! I think God is giving your gifts one by one...mysteriously and gloriously! I toast a deep-red class of Merlot in celebration of YOU :))) What day was the special day?

I LOVE listening to and learning from you. Thank you for sharing your life's experiences. I am currently reading "The Feminine Face of God" and it is great.

My printmaking gifts got put on hold due to some home repairs, which I have no patience for. Hope to get back to printing soon. (HUGS)


A lovely list, Trish! Thanks for pondering and posting it. Hopefully inspiration for your other writing project came or comes soon!


Story Midwife

Bette, thanks for the birthday wishes! The freezer gift comes about 18 months after the offer. My birthday is in January. But I'll drink in all the good wishes!

Hi Kristin - thanks for the invitation to ponder!

Heather Michele

Steamy indeed! :) I love all of this stuff. I've been pondering and praying about it all. Every single word of it. (Except for the mention of lima beans; you KNOW I hate lima beans.)

I look forward to an entire weekend of space and time to be together and TALK. In person! I can't wait to create a little best-friend sort of nest for us to settle into! You're amazing. Really. And I just can't wait to see you. -HMO.

Story Midwife

Heather Michele,
Wahoo! It's you and me, baby! Des Moines, here we come!

Little Blue Petal

Yes, I hear you! Discovering a loving Mother God (who actually honours us back) is a birth of sorts! Like finally being freed to take the vital breath!

Oh! And much freshly baked birthday cake to you!

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