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October 19, 2006



I'm heading out the door too but want to quickly say, WOW! God shows up in such neat ways to get us thinking! My first thought is...front yard: meaning in your future. fully-built nest: meaning abundance :)

i will think upon your question if i had found a nest and what it might mean for me.

i'm anxious to hear what your spiritual director says.

glad you joined RevGalBlogPals! you have many great things to share with others, you great gal, you!

love ya,


Maybe because I am a mother who is still in the midst of baby making (we are plannign number three sometime within the next 6 months-and I am a doual and an unassisted birther) but to me it fortells of making your own nest....When I was pregnant with Zoe, our second, I saw nests how they say you see pregnant women everywhere when you find out you are expecting a baby.

Maybe not even necessarily a birth of a person, per se, but the birth and preparation for something life changing and altering.

It is a beautiful gift.


Oh Story Midwife, Preparation is the word that comes to heart ~ perhaps for whatever/whomever you are preparing to birth. I agree with Bette's idea of front-yard and future. And, perhaps the leaves in the nest are the rebirth of what you've let go of.
Please do share with us what your spiritual director had to say!
Blessings, Cathleen


Can't get you out of my mind! You did such neat Photoshop effects on this nest and I keep looking and looking and thinking about those buckeyes. Did you get pregnant in Lima, OH? :)))

I found the coolest nest a couple of months ago under one of our maples. The nest was so tightly woven and heavy, in a most beautiful way, as if to be complete and meaningful and secure...just as I have been seeking in my life...spiritually, creatively, my marriage, and my friendships.

Now tell us what your spiritual director said :)
Hope your day was great!

Hugs and Love,

Story Midwife

Hey, beautiful women! Thanks so much for your supportive and INSIGHTFUL comments! So much birthing energy from each of you. And so much that you're all birthing, too. You've given me much more to chew on: release, future, birthing, newness of life and projects. All of these words are powerful to me - I take them all into my heart.

Bette, you're so funny! Nope, no pregnancy happened in Lima. If so, I'd have to call the little one Beaner for endearment. :-) (If this HAD happened in Lima it would be another fun moment in our new friendship!)

Cathleen, the thought of the leaves as what I am letting go of or what must be released quiets me deeply. I must pray more with that one.

Tasha-Rose, welcome here! Ooh! I'd love to hear your stories of unassisted birth! So brave and powerful you are. Will you share?

More on what my visit with my spiritual director birthed in a whole new posting! It's all rich and full.

Sacred Art of Living

Welcome to the RevGals Trish, such a great community it is, I am delighted you are joining.

Your nests are so potent! If they were my nests. . . I would notice that the first one was a half one and the next one a whole one, some sort of process building within. I'd also wonder if there was a physical connection, the uterine lining building its fertile nest within. And yet the ensts were empty, so it also brings to mind the image of leaving the nest and what that might be in my life. Or perhaps nature is blessing your dwelling space, have you had a recent shift of feeling like your home has become even more deeply home?

Blessings, Christine

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