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October 27, 2006


Heather Michele

You drive safely, woman. And I will too. See you in a few HOURS!! -HMO.

Sacred Art of Living

Trish, how wonderful! I so wish I could be there and see you perform, sometime in this next year I will try and pull some sort of trip to the midwest together and meet some of my new favorite friends. And I adore InterPlay, I am so blessed to co-teach with an InterPlayer and dancer, she has been a huge gift to me.

And last, but not least, lots of prayers and blessings and healing energy for sweet singing. May your voice crack open new spaces of awareness for the people you sing to.

Love, Christine


I'm so excited for you to be doing a solo show and to be involved in such frolic for the soul!

I truly have been worried about you for awhile and was just going to go check your Rivervoice schedule to see if you've been gone. But instead, you've been sick! I should have emailed you my concerns earlier. My apologies and regret for not listening to my intuition :)

May you sing like an angel deeply from your belly and bless everyone present and even us who cannot be there with you but are in spirit :)

"Say Hi to Des Moines for me". The kids and I will be in Newton for Thanksgiving!

My prayers and hugs are with you,


Dear Trish,
I know that as I write this you are already in Des Moines, but I am holding you in love and prayer as you have held me these past weeks. Whether you sing, or drum, or pray, or invite quiet attentiveness, I know deep in my heart that your offerings will be holy, spirit-filled, and just what is needed for all present. Blessings and much love,

Erika Rae

Hi darlin'
How was the croaking - er, singing? I thought of you during your concert, sending you melodic love, and wondered how it was going for you - musically, physically, spiritually.
I was wishing I could get in the Enterprise's transporter and say, "Beam me to you, Trishy!"
Loves, Erika Rae

Story Midwife

Hello Beautiful Women!
Thank you, thank you for your amazing wishes and cheers! I'm a lucky girl to have your voices in my head and heart. I'll be writing a post about the concert soon.

Welcomes and hellos to you, Ms. Erika Eleanor Rae! So glad you're here.

Little Blue Petal

Awww Throat Coat Tea! That gifts a wonderful mental image! The coat would be made of beautiful water-shot velvet, lined with the softest silk :)

I am probably writing this after the fact... how was your concert?

One of these days, I am going to put rings on my fingers and bells on my toes, (and of course my velvet throat-coat) then come dance and sing with you lol!
Love Davida x

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