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September 29, 2006


Sacred Art of Living

What a very touching story Trish, prayers for your friends. I love the Kunitz poem, it really does express the complexity of life so well. Your comments after the poem are especially beautiful.

I am so delighted to hear that you and Bette met up! She sent me a photo of the two of you (you are very tall!) She does make the most wonderful art and you have a divine voice, I love the serendipity of it all!

Lots of love and blessings, Christine

Story Midwife

(Laughing) Yes! I AM very tall! It's often striking to those I first meet. I'm 6'0".

The time with Bette was wonderfully serendipitous. I look forward to when you and I will meet. (And hike together among the hills and trees?)

Thank you, Christine for your prayers for Heather and G. It is such an important time.


Heather Michele

A girl couldn't ask for a better best friend. Seriously. So looking forward to spending this weekend with you and your Beloved. Thank you. And again I say Thank you. -HMO

Bette Wappner

Hey Trish! Wow, I sure agree that we had quite the quick encounter! and up in Lima-Land-Ohio of all places :) Yes you are a dear TALL one of God, but I am a dear SHORT one of God- 5'4.5" (heeheehee). People...Trish has thee most beautiful voice (and so does her Richard :) They brought down the place where they ministered and brought forth the Spirit as well. I will never forget strolling thru the cemetery with Trish and I am thrilled we have made a new "Holy Women" friendship!

Wow, "The Layers" poem is excellent and beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Heather, I will hold you and G up in my prayers and thoughts and visualize you both embrassed with a veil of peace and love.

I will try to post a photo of Trish and I and a poem I just wrote yesterday about our meeting.

Blessings and hugs,

Sacred Art of Living

I know, I keep wondering how I could manage a trip to the midwest and visit some of my favorite bloggers! Yes, when it happens there will definitely be long walks through the trees, and tea! Lots of tea.

I have to admit that being raised on one coast and living my whole adult life on the opposite one, those middle states all seem to run together. I assume that Iowa and Kentucky and Minnesota must all be really close together, but perhaps I should pull out a map!

Can't wait to read the poem Bette!
Love, Christine

Bette Wappner

Hi Christine,
My northern KY home is about 9 hrs. to my Newton, Iowa hometown, then from Newton, Iowa its about 4 hrs. up to Minneapolis! I'd say Trish's Strawberry Point, Iowa hometown is about 1.5 hr. northeast of Newton?

Anyway, I just posted two photos of Trish and I and my poem at my website. Just click on my name to go there.

Oh how I'd LOVE to hike with you, Trish, and all these women I'm meeting thru you both! Yes...lots of tea (and coffee too :)


Story Midwife

Dear Wise Women,

Thank you so much for your prayers for G and Heather. I will post an update here today.

Bette, thanks for uploading the pics of us and including the link here! FUN!

Heather, it was a fabulous weekend with you and Jess. You're amazing.

Blessings to all.

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