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September 23, 2006


Heather Michele

I would have given just about anything to be eating Equinox pizza with you today. Though it has been short, this Autumn is a season of sadness so far. Change, yes. Grief. Ending. Untimely death. I love each of you three so, so much. And thanks for your prayers. -HMO.

Story Midwife

Oh, sweet friend. Yes, such a heaviness in this season of saddness and goodbye. We three love you ever so much, too. We will make pizza together soon.
I'll call from Ohio. Smoke prayers and lavender oil for you and yours,


Wow what a FAB idea! LOL! My kids would enjoy doing this!

(I especially loved the picture of your little boy peering over the counter! Such a cutie!)


Story Midwife

Hi LBP! Thanks for stopping by - great to "meet" you. He IS a cutie, but then Mama has bragging rights. How old are your kids?

Best to you all!

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