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August 24, 2006


Heather Michele

Such a lovely gift of a post as I'm settling my tired body into my bed here after a long night at work. I love you, and I wish you sweet dreams as well. You astound me. -HMO

Sacred Art of Living

Trish, I so wish I lived close enough to join you on a New Moon Pilgrimage to the Woods. What a wonderful post, so evocative. Thanks so much too for the astrology info, I have been sitting with it seeing what stirs in me. I have been feeling my own longings to go more deeply into my body. This year was to be a year of radical self-care, and now that it is one of grief as well, it becomes so much more important. Walking, yoga, stillness, dreams, the woods and ocean, writing, art-making, spaciousness, these are what my soul longs for and I am weaving into my life even more intentionally.
Blessings to you, Christine

Story Midwife

Heather Michele,
You are likely in bed or on the couch now, tending to your ouchy back! I send you sweet, healing thoughts and hope you're finding ways to be extra gentle and loving with yourself. LOVE!!!

Story Midwife

I'd LOVE to have you at a Nova Luna retreat, Christine! Perhpas someday we will walk through woods together. Radical self-care of body and grief take great care and intention in and of themselves. How are you finding them intermingled in your body, mind, soul? Where do your grief and your memories "land" in your body?

Sacred Art of Living

There is a sense of deep knowing that I need to follow the call of my grief and my practices of self-care will be like my anchor, grounding me, supporting me on the journey. Grief is so deeply physical, landing mostly in my breath with deep sighs and the ache of my heart.


It seems I've been about the body long before this new moon but I'm grateful to have this reminder to be more intentional. As I live with chronic pain, I am learning to more gracefully chose how and on what I spend my energy as I move. And you have invited me to listen to my body when I am still, rather than try to get something done, like reading, while I lie down to relieve the pain. The 3rd thing I'm doing is paying more attention to how and what I eat - that my food be more whole, that I listen to what my body needs, and also that I enjoy my food ~ like peach crisp for breakfast!! How delightful! Many thanks for your thymely invitation.

Story Midwife

Christine, yes grief is so knit into these very cells of our bodies. Here's to all of us opening our breath and releasing in big sighs and exhales.

Story Midwife

Welcome, Cathleen! How good to see your "voice" here. In your journey with chronic pain and choosing intentionally where to place your energy and attention, where do you feel most called? What things are you saying "no" to? Happy peach crisp breakfasts to you! (Can I come up??)

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