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August 26, 2006


Sacred Art of Living

I have been hesitating to answer this question because this has been a hard summer, even before my loss, I was dealing with a lot of fatigue. As my spiritual director observed, this summer has been my desert. I have learned a lot about humility and grace, about listening even more deeply to my body, about how much I long for dark spaces, and about some of the things I am called to let go and some I am called to embrace. I have been blessed with many good friends, including my husband, along this journey. Blessings, Christine

Story Midwife Trish

Oh, thank you for sharing this! We as a culture are so focused on LIGHT, on feeling GOOD, on bing POSITIVE, on staying STRONG. Your words are infused with the very heart of holiness. I wish you many dark and loamy places. I wish you the energy of letting go and rightful embrace. And I wish you sweet grace in the continued unfolding of this sad season.

Deep bows to you.

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