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August 10, 2006


Sacred Art of Living

Hi SM, I have been thinking a lot about bodies as well lately. Haven't yet clarified my thoughts enough to post, but love what you have written here. I find with a chronic illness that I am super aware of my body but go through ebbs and flows of truly honoring its needs. In response to your question, the first thing that came to mind was making love to my sweet husband and letting myself experience my body through the joy of his eyes and hands. Letting go of insecurities for a while and truly just relishing that very carnal and delightful prayer -- it is truly a holy act! Love to you! Christine

Story Midwife

Yes, Christine! Such a holy act to lose (and simultaneously FIND) oneself in this ecstatic prayer. Years ago, when I was first discovering feminine spirituality, I read the book The Feminine Face of God. One woman interviewed in the section on body and spirituality shared how during lovemaking in the midst of her moon cycle, her husband would hungrily reach for her full belly and say, "I LOVE this part of you!" Such grace and absolute acceptance! At the time I found myself wondering if this could REALLY be true. (Speaks to my insecurities about both my body and men...) Now, partnered with a man who is hungry for my body and the woman packaged up inside it, I understand. And I, too, relish those wild and tender moments of passion. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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