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July 11, 2006


Heather Michele

Just last night I dreamed you and I were in a kayak on the ocean, in a still, little bay...probably in Mexico somewhere. We had feasted on a delicious meal and were about to get sunburnt just as the the sun was setting. We stopped paddling and listened to the tide as the moon rose. Richard was in a canoe next to us, singing quietly. We were all eating M&M's and blueberries. So, my adored and best friend, when should we book our next vacation? I love you (and all of your stories) completely! -HMO

Story Midwife

Heather Michele!

Yes, yes, YES!!!
Let's GO!

Shall we take our Beloveds, or shall we venture into the woods and the waters on a best friends' retreat?

Let's DREAM!

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