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July 19, 2006


Sacred Art of Living

SM, I LOVE this poem from Rumi! And I adore your post. I have done lots with dreamwork and consider it a primary spiritual practice. I took a great class with Jeremy Taylor while at the GTU in Berkeley and will be starting a Dream Leader Training program in August. I am away for a few days with a soul friend and we spend much of the day sharing dreams and helping each other to explore them more deeply. My most recent dreams include: Human Voodoo Doll; Stealing Umbrellas; and The Dark Journey to Retrieve the Gift of Running Shoes. Let's talk dreams some more offline sometime! Blessings, Christine

Story Midwife

Hello Christine!
Every piece of this is wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Will you also share a bit more about your Dream Leader Training program? Some readers here may be interested. Let's plug you! Blessings on your time with your friend. May your souls and lives be nourished and ever-more steeped in beauty. Deep bows.

Sacred Art of Living

Thanks for the invitation SM. Actually the dream leader training is one I am participating in through the Haden Institute in NC but hope down the road to start one similar to it in the Northwest. Right now my teaching energy focuses on Awakening the Creative Spirit, a continuing education program for spiritual directors to learn to use arts and imagination in their ministry. I already spend one day of this using the arts to crack open dreams. I co-teach with the amazing Betsey Beckman, a dancer. I primarily lead poetry and visual art. It is in a six session (2 days each) monthly format for the time being, but we may consider doing an intensive down the road to draw folks from further afar. See or for more information!


What a wonderful poem! I've never read his work; now this is "must do" added to my list. I love it!

Story Midwife

Hello Mama!
Yes, it is a luscious poem. Be prepared to swoon as you discover more of Rumi's words.

Story Midwife

THANKS for sharing! Hope a few of the SM readers check out your glorious self. I have a dear friend who was seriously considering the Haden Institute dream training, but is saying no for now. Wouldn't that be a hoot if the two of you were together!

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