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June 30, 2006


Jeanne Loehnis


What you plan on doing to foster relationships (and it's ALL about relationships ... at least that's what the man I'm married to would say!) sounds like pure gift and I respect you ... and thank you for it. I have never done anything much in any political arena - in fact I have very much avoided it. We need more examples of love, humanity, and relationship building -- everywhere!



The world is run by people that show up!

It is sad that trail plans did get turned down but it also demonstrates the point that the world (at least the democratic world) is ran by people that show up at meetings. If you did not show up at your last local government meeting you must be very satisfied with the way things are done in the community you live in.

Sounds like the towns people need more information on what issues are before the governing body so more will show up at the meetings.

Story Midwife

Thanks for your vote of confidence! I have still to draft the letters. I've been thinking about them as I walk my son to school in the morning. I'll keep you updated!

Story Midwife

Hello Art! Welcome here! Yes, this has been a big lesson for me, and I like how you say it: "The world is run by people who show up." In a democratic government one would hope this is the case. I can't help but think it is also the case in a spiritual sense: when we "show up" inside ourselves we are more fully present to and for ourselves, and to and for the World. How are you showing up in your life these days?

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