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April 15, 2006


Jeanne Loehnis

This message is for all of you who have been guided to this site, however directly or indirectly. If you don't know it yet --- you will soon become aware that Trish is a very special person, a unique light, and a holder of sacred space for anyone whose journey crosses hers.

Namaste, the music, and Namaste - the tools that Trish has created for you to bring this blessing to the women in your sacred circle - are AWESOME! If you do not have a sacred circle, you deserve one! And Trish has given you all the guidance you need to bring it to life - yours and the lives of those around you.

Please gift yourself today by gifting others with the Namaste experience.

Trish has been a special friend, a wonderful example, and a real blessing in my life.

Trish -- THANK YOU for sharing YOU!

Karla MG

Yeah! I'm looking forward to this Trish! It's great to see it getting underway:) I love the blog idea too. Namaste' to you my friend! And we still need to meet somewhere between Strawberry and Marion! --Karla

Heather Michele

Woo Hoo!! :) YEAH for you, and for the rest of the Universe! We are blessed to be in your gifted and glorious presence. I bow deeply to you, my dearest, bestest friend!! Namaste... -HMO.

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